AMTOP Marketing



Who can Purchase?

How will we identify the right order for the right customer?

Right Consultation needs to be there, we need to prepare the questionnaire for the consultant to ask the customer so to know his problem well and provide him with the best solution.

How can we cancel the order and refund?

We can only cancel the order if it's not dispatched yet i.e. the customer can initiate the cancelation within the TAT of 24 hours and the refund will be transferred to the member's account.

Refund process will further take 15 business days. And if the product is dispatched, then the cancelation of order will not be accepted.

What will be the consultation procedure to purchase (before placing the order)?

It will be initiated by the member, when he will be generating any leads ,they will ask for the details and documents from the customer and ask to share the same with the company's database, and afterwards within the TAT of 24 hours or immediately , our call center consultation services will call the customer for detailed consultation.

Analysis of prescription? What is the TAT for the serious patients for consultation ?

We will consider the TAT of 48 hours to understand the prescription in case of any serious disease and provide accurate consultation regarding that.

Repurchase of product by company from member?

Within the cooling Period:

We will follow the policy of providing the, cooling period : Generally of one month , to the Members / Leaders whosoever has initiated the SOP's or any bulk stock but wants to return it back due to any reason . if the member applies for the return within the period he has to bear the loss of 35% of the amount of the goods and will get refund of 65% of the amount of goods.

Order Receipts
Member has to always handover /upload order receipt positively.

Complaints /Grievances:

1) Money Back :

If a customer claims that he didn't got any results after finishing up with the whole product and claims for money back then what ?

  • If customer need to avail money back then they need to provide before and after report through our diagnosis partner As company also search for authenticity and associated to sources with best rates available. Customer need to bear charge extra for the 1 mg service.
  • Customer eligible to claim money back in conditions like : - providing before and after report from 1 also following consultation minimum 3 in a week.

2) What about if there will be any product damage ?

Most probably courier company will be at fault but also we can't ignore our customer saying so our company will provide exchange solution on the same.

3) If customer complains that the member sold the same product to the different customers in different prices , then what ?

Company is not liable running different schemes under on roof.. Need to contact member for the same. Company can help to communicate between members and customer directly forwarding the respective concern.

Call back TAT : 24 hours
Email TAT : 2-3 Days

4) If customer complains about any false language used by any member or if member forces the customer in any manner to buy product ?

We apologize for such behavior from member's end and will ensure them to take necessary action asap in next 24 hours.